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Reasons to Take An RV Trip With Your Kids

By October 26, 2022October 27th, 2023No Comments

This blog post is written by The Mom Trotter on the Go RVing Blog.

We recently went on OUR FIRST RV TRIP FROM CALIFORNIA TO NEVADA, to Utah, to Arizona and finally back to California where we started and it was amazing.

We had such a great time visiting National Parks and just enjoying each other’s company as a family.

Before we took OUR FIRST RV TRIP, we didn’t know what to expect as a family. By the end of the trip, I couldn’t help but think about all the benefits of RV travel that we discovered as a family.

RV Trips With Kids Are Comfortable

Planning an RV trip with my family gave us the chance to enjoy the best of both worlds; the comfort of our home, and at the same time, being able to get outdoors and explore different NATIONAL PARKS.

It also gave us the opportunity to customize our travel as per our convenience, and not be stuck with the constraints of hotel checkout times and flight schedules.

We were able to pack our favorite things from home, take as many books as we wanted and cook our own meals when we wanted too, when we wanted to.

RV Trips With Kids Are Fun

Just like any regular vacation, going on an RV trip with kids is a lot of fun. My kids enjoyed all the RV sites we stayed at, especially playing at the playground, chasing animals and meeting new friends.

Every morning they would get up, put on their shoes and run out to play. Something that they don’t always do when we are home. We enjoyed having our bikes with us and we were able to get out and ride our bikes as well as partake in different campground activities.

We enjoyed stargazing at night, taking hikes, making s’mores and just hanging out around the campfire on cold evenings.

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