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5 Cities Every Self-Care Enthusiast Should Visit to Reset My Mind & Body

By July 30, 2022October 27th, 2023No Comments

Vacationing is good for the mind, body, and soul, and sometimes we just need a day or two away from home to reap the many profound self-care benefits of travel. When we’re home and surrounded by the responsibilities of daily life, we often forget to care for our physical, mental, and emotional needs — but traveling can be a great opportunity to reset our lives while nourishing the body, mind, and soul. Travel reduces stress, opens the mind to new opportunities and experiences, increases happiness and creativity, and builds mental resilience. 

To experience these benefits for yourself, travel to one of these five US cities recommended by Vista Ridge RV Park

1. San Antonio, TX

Camping is one of the best forms of self-care, largely because it gives you a chance to get away from the responsibilities of modern-day life and focus on activities like swimming in our pool or hot tub, cooking food over a fire, and gazing at the stars instead of staring at a smartphone screen. And when you travel to Vista Ridge RV Park (located just outside of San Antonio), you can enjoy the benefits of camping while relaxing in our clubhouse, practicing yoga in our meadow, and more while staying in one of our cabins, or guest house.  Or book a site with a deck and meadow view for your RV or camp under the stars in your tent in our meadow by the river and under the trees.   

Other nearby attractions and activities for self-care and home school enthusiasts could include:

  • Exploring the Alamo, historic missions, and the Japanese Tea Gardens.
  • Shopping and restaurants along the San Antonio River Walk.
  • Fishing, picnicking, and kayaking across the street at Graytown Park or down the road at Helton Nature Park 
  • Birdwatching at Braunig Lake.
  • Golfing at the River Bend Golf Course.

2. Houston, TX

Houston is the biggest city in Texas, and it’s home to a plethora of self-care activities and attractions. You can find spas if you’re looking to pamper yourself with facials and massages; clubs and bars if you enjoy dancing; and theaters for catching concerts, plays, comedy shows, and musicals. Lots of beaches and state parks are also a short drive away. 

If you enjoy sports, another option is to take in an Astros game at Minute Maid Park. You can find discounted Astros tickets online when you filter your results by price, game day, and seat rating, and you can view interactive seating charts to ensure you’re getting the best possible seats during your Houston getaway. 

Image by Pexels

3. Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs is the perfect destination for self-care seekers who would prefer to enjoy traditional wellness activities like yoga, meditation, sound bathing, and hiking while traveling. There’s even a five-acre outdoor space called “Wellness Park” where anyone can walk, jog, exercise, or meditate; take in the park’s Healing and Fragrance Garden; or relax with a good book, magazine, or podcast. 

4. Sedona, AZ

If you’re hoping to get in touch with your spiritual side, Sedona is the self-care destination for you. Because of the city’s four major vortex sites, Sedona is the perfect place to meditate, pray, and achieve spiritual enlightenment — either on your own or with a professional. Sedona wellness retreats are also offered if you could use a bit more structure during your self-care stay. 

5. Miami, FL

Miamians know how to rest, de-stress, and keep their minds and bodies healthy, which makes the Magic City a great destination for self-care enthusiasts in need of a good reset. There are secret beaches, juice bars, spas, and yoga studios — and miles of hiking trails in and around the City. 

Need More Self-Care In Your Everyday Life?

If you’re feeling overly stressed, burned out, or unhappy in the city where you live, you might consider making a permanent move to one of the five cities listed above. But remember: Where you reside isn’t all that matters. It’s important to make time for self-care no matter where in the world you live, whether that means taking walks in nature, scheduling monthly massages, or hitting the yoga mat a few times a week. Moving somewhere new may seem like a good solution, but for many, spending a few days in a new place will usually do the trick. 

Are you planning a getaway to San Antonio, Texas? Vista Ridge RV Park is the perfect place to stay. Start by taking a 360-degree virtual tour of the grounds or book your stay today. 

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